Advisory Fees

Quarterly Managment Fee

Pursuant to an investment advisory contract signed by each client, the clients pays Apollo a quarterly management fee. The fee is payable in advance or in arrears, depending on the terms negotiated with the client, and is based on the amount of the assets to be managed as of the first business day of each quarter.

The following table defines the asset based fees generally charged by the Firm for its investment management services.

Total Assets Under Management Fee*
$0-$249,000 1.20%
$250,000-$499,999 1.00%
$500,000-$999,999 0.90%
$1,000,000-$1,999,999 0.85%
$2,000,000-$4,999,999 0.70%
$5,000,000 plus 0.53%

*These fees may be negotiated by Apollo at its sole discretion.

Additional Service Fees

In addition to the advisory fee charged by the Firm, clients may incur additional charges for brokerage, custodial, and other services, which may be charged directly to the client's account.

Clients may purchase investment products recommended by the Firm through other brokers or agents that are not affiliated with the Firm. Clients whose assets are invested in mutual funds will also pay fees associated with such investments, which will include investment advisory fees, and which are separate and distinct from the investment management fees payable to Apollo.

Apollo will generally recommend or place transactions in no-load or load-waived mutual funds. Some no-load or load-waived mutual funds may charge a transaction fee. Apollo's advisory fees remain exclusive of the additional costs discussed above. Accordingly, clients are encouraged to review their account statements regularly for a full understanding of the fees and charges associated with their accounts.

Pension Consulting and/or Financial Planning Fees

Pension Consulting fees are charged a basis point percentage fee based on the assets under management for the Trust. This fee is determined at the time Apollo enters into an agreement with the Plan sponsor.

The Firm's pension consulting and financial planning services may also be provided for an hourly fee. The Firm's hourly fee is generally billed at a rate of $100 to $200 per hour.

Hourly fees may be subject to negotiation but agreed upon in writing by the parties in advance.

Hourly fee-based clients are billed on a monthly basis upon completion of work.

Refund of Advance Paid Fees

As noted, clients may choose to have the management fees paid in advance.

Upon termination, any fees paid in advance will be prorated to the date of termination and any excess will be refunded to client.