Investment Strategies, Analysis, and Risk of Loss

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a general assessment based upon various factors, including sale price, asset value, market structure, and history. Apollo will analyze the financial condition, capabilities of management, earnings, new products and services, as well as the company's markets and position amongst its competitors in order to determine the recommendations made to clients.

The primary risk in using fundamental analysis' is that, while the overall health and position of a company may be good, market conditions may negatively impact the security.

Cyclical Analysis

Cyclical analysis is a time-based assessment, which incorporates past and present performance to determine future value. The primary risk of using cyclical analysis is that past performance cannot guarantee future results.

Charting and Technical

Charting consists of preparing a technical analysis using diagrams to illustrate various patterns or progressions in market or account movement. Similar to charting, technical analysis employs the use of statistical models and quantitative methodologies to evaluate performance and value over a specified period of time.

Technical analysis involves the analysis of past market data rather than specific company data in determining the recommendations made to clients. It may involve the use of charts to identify market patterns and trends which may be based on investor sentiment rather than the fundamentals of the company.

The primary risk in using technical analysis is that spotting historical trends may not help to predict such trends in the future. Even if the trend may eventually reoccur, there is no guarantee that Apollo will be able to accurately predict such a reoccurrence.

Risk of Loss

Investing in securities involves a certain amount of risk of loss that clients should be prepared to bear. Questions regarding these risks and/or increased costs may be addressed with firm owner Bill Ochocinski directly by calling telephone number (716) 783-1610.

Review of Accounts

Accounts are monitored on an ongoing basis by firm owner firm owner Bill Ochocinski. Such reviews are performed to incorporate changes in a client's investment objective, changes in market conditions, and other factors.

The client will generally receive written statements no less than quarterly from the trustee or custodian of record. The client may also receive other supporting reports from mutual funds, other asset managers, trust companies or custodians, insurance companies, broker-dealers and others involved with the client's account.