Our Investment Process

Apollo Wealth Management typically recommends investments in:

  • Equity securities, including exchange-listed securities
  • Securities traded over-the-counter and foreign issuers
  • Warrants and corporate debt securities (other than commercial paper)
  • Commercial paper, certificates of deposit, municipal securities, and mutual fund shares
  • U.S. government securities, option contracts (on securities and commodities), and futures contracts (on tangibles and intangibles)
  • Interests in partnerships investing in real estate and petroleum interests

Apollo measures and selects mutual funds by using various criteria, such as but not limited to, the fund manager's tenure and/or overall career performance.

On occasion, Apollo may recommend redistributing investment allocations to diversify the portfolio in an effort to reduce risk and increase performance. The Firm may also recommend specific stocks to increase sector weighting and/or dividend potential.

All recommendations are made according to the client's specific investment objectives.

The main sources of research information used by the Firm include but are not limited to: financial newspapers and magazines, inspections of corporate activities, research materials prepared by others, annual reports, corporate rating services, timing services, annual reports, prospectuses, filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and company press releases.