Turnkey 401(K) Solutions for Investment Advisors

Affordable Plans for Your Business Owner Clients

Apollo Wealth Management, LLC has worked with Value Point Associates (VPA) to develop fund line-ups for their 401(K)it for Investment Advisors. This is a simple way for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and other investment professionals to offer their business owner clients an affordable, high-quality retirement plan with minimal liability or risk.

The 401(K)it for Investment Advisors is a complete turnkey solution that offers a choice of three pre-established fund line-ups. VPA takes on the role of plan sponsor, and Apollo Wealth Management serves as the 3(38) Investment Manager, managing the investment lineup with discretion to make necessary changes.

You can view the specific fund line-ups below. For more information on the 401(K)it for Investment Advisors and other employee benefits that are available, visit VPA’s website.